Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jan 14th

Can we call this Car drama?
In a nut shell:  Had no idea my neighbor's wife moved in - took her two months to get here?  So late the night before I got home parked in her "parking space" (remember she just moved in, had no idea?!) since my garage was full of tools and a creative man doing his thing -woodworking.  Next morning find my neighbor's car in my spot... here is the thing.  Both middle and my side were open.  She parked in my spot since I was in HER spot... even though my spot is FURTHER away from her garage.  Seriously?  I just laughed.  I waited for her to move or go somewhere and I went back to my spot never to return to her spot.  
It actually got me a little heated when I saw her outright "bratty ways".  Oh well.

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