Friday, August 21, 2009

thinking that I never update?  Nope I don't.

I really do have all my pictures (almost)... on my computer but am too lazy to do it and it is  Aug.  Yuck.  That is a complete joke to me... the thought of trying to upload that many pictures.  Not happening at this time.  

Maybe I will upload later on, ummmm...  maybe not.

I just am plain lazy at this point.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jan 16th

Some time with H-Man.   
A beautiful day with BBQ smell in the air.  
I really love that smell.
I really REALLY love H-Man.

Jan 15th

My "Bare Essentials" foundation experience, and half nude face picture.  

I will say I went back to B.E and ended up buying some other stuff that I really like.  Just not any foundation.

Jan 14th

Can we call this Car drama?
In a nut shell:  Had no idea my neighbor's wife moved in - took her two months to get here?  So late the night before I got home parked in her "parking space" (remember she just moved in, had no idea?!) since my garage was full of tools and a creative man doing his thing -woodworking.  Next morning find my neighbor's car in my spot... here is the thing.  Both middle and my side were open.  She parked in my spot since I was in HER spot... even though my spot is FURTHER away from her garage.  Seriously?  I just laughed.  I waited for her to move or go somewhere and I went back to my spot never to return to her spot.  
It actually got me a little heated when I saw her outright "bratty ways".  Oh well.

Jan 13th

Some yummy Peanut Butter cookies for the tummy.  Greatest recipe ever, thanks Taylor!
If you want the "knowledge" let me know.  Beware... it is dangerous knowledge... gain 5 pounds kind of knowledge - but OH so worth it.

Jan 12th

Reagan became a fan of moving her toys with her feet. 
What a talented girl.
Do you think she looks tired here?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jan 11th

Today I gave  a talk in sacrament.  
The subject: Trust in the Lord.
Although I somewhat stress out about talks, not so much giving it, but actually having something to say is what stresses me.  AS always it comes together, and I seem to learn loads more than I can express in 12 min.  It really is something I miss... studying like that.  
I should not have to have an excuse like a talk to study.  
I need to be better. 

Jan 10th

It was a beautiful day... so he headed off to the driving range.  
Hudson is known by name, and Spencer is known by sound - how hard he hits the ball.  
What cute boys... I am sorry... what cute men.

Jan 9th

Around dinner time, or right after, this is how you will find me.  Gloves and all.  I have inherited my mother-in-law's talent of having gloves on while doing dishes.  It SAVES my hands.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jan 8th

H & R playing with cars

Jan 7th

Went to the Warriors game.  Fun night.
(see that my tree is still up - took us a while to get that beaut down.)

Jan 6th

Hudson's house

Jan 5th

Sad Sad day, my favorite jeans are done.  They lasted 6 years.

Jan 4th

This is the last of Christmas... all packed up into 4 boxes.  Spencer freaks out every time I pack up Christmas.  He thinks we have WAY too much.  
He has no idea what "WAY too much" is... but he will one day.  :)

Jan 3rd

The first of more to come

Jan 2nd

Hudson is trying to keep three fingers up... hasn't really figured out how to keep all three up.  Working on it.  And yes look at that yummy dinner... a little bit of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  

Jan. 1

A new year full of hope is ahead... (corny, I know.  I had to find something to take a picture of... seriously.)

This year's venture....

So this little blog... will be (as of now) a year long - and then I am done.  

It will be year of a "daily event" in my (our) life.  

It will take the place of some journaling... and will allow my to capture the "mundane" things in my day to day life that I would no sooner forget.  It will be good.  

Here's to hoping to remember to pick the camera up every day - if not for a moment.